About Me: Wilma “Pink Cactus”

Wilma pinkcactusHey, my name is Wilma, and I’m a perpetual wanderer. I created a blog for one purpose – to get out (I wanted to write out, but that word does not exist). Unfortunately, my dear ones are less interested in travel and even fewer mountains, so I came up with the brilliant idea of blogging and sharing with you what has long rooted for me, and now it sprouts and will soon be releasing buds. I hope you will feel at home here even though posts will take you sometimes into remote areas of the world.

In my blog, you will find interesting, humorous and sometimes malicious descriptions, practical tips, subjective feelings from the places visited, and there will also be reviews or tests. Also, I love testing new food. From my traveling experience, I finally got the chance to meet some local foods. It was an amazing experience. So, I decided to add some articles about food too. You can get some tips and unique recipes in my blog.

In a word, it will be all that matters to me, and what is connected with travel and tourism. I hope this information will make it easier for you to plan your vacation.

Let’s share what’s good 🙂