4 Best Pollution-tolerant Plants for a Metropolitan Garden

These pollution-tolerant plants function as a buffer against the environment and are the best picks for an outdoor city space

Gardening in the city positions its particular obstacles, the most considerable of them urban pollution. We asked the professionals at Wyevale Garden Centre for their advice on how to secure your flowers from the fumes and to pick the very best pollution-tolerant plants.

Here are some of the plant that you could grow at home to help in reducing pollution.


Image source: wtgn.co.uk

For brilliant and delicate flowers, look no further than the Chaenomeles, which is at its best in spring. In the fall, it produces edible fruits that are perfect for jelly-making. It’s also a great plant to bring in bees, thanks to the early nectar it provides.

To keep it at its best, ensure your Chaenomeles is planted in well-drained, fertile soil in sun or light shade– such as under a window or on a low wall.


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There are lots of different ranges of viburnum. However, you wish to search for the viburnum x bodnantense ‘Charles Lamont’. With bright pink and sweetly-scented flowers, this shrub is hardy enough to hold up against contamination without losing its delicate beauty.


Image source: dobies.co.uk

Commonly called the butterfly bush, the buddleia plant’s purple flowers are favourite among the fluttering creatures. Along with being exceptionally quiet, it’s a fast-growing shrub that prospers in any well-drained soil.


Image source: seedvendor.com

The Callery pear tree, or Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’, is an ornamental pear that’s perfect for little city gardens thanks to its upright, narrow shape. You can enjoy flurries of white blossom in early spring, and the leaves turn a lively red and purple later in the near.

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