sharp spiky cactus

How to Plant and Care The Cactus in Simple and Easy Ways

Previously, I’ve posted the benefit of cactus to the air article. Now we are going to talk about how to plant this beautiful spiky one. Is it easy to do? Can I ask my friend to help me? Just whatever you want.. lets do it!

sharp spiky cactus

Just for your information, Cactus “the spiky plant” is one of the plant types that are now used by many people as an ornamental plant. Bottom line, you can use this plant to get fresher room and to get fresher air.

Although the roses and other beauty plants + flowers are more popular than the cactus family, in fact, we will always found this spiky family plant in the plants stores. It’s mean, there is a fan of cactus, including me of course.

This ornamental plant does have a very unique shape, the small plant size making it easily placed anywhere, so caring on this one is also pretty easy.

For those of you who can’t wait to know the tips on planting and caring for cacti, it’s the time!

First, Cactus is a plant that loves Sun, because the native habitat of cacti is in the middle of the desert which is so dry and hot of weather. Don’t place the cactus in your bathroom! Avoid cacti plants from watery places, since the meat cacti is so thick enough and if there lot of water, it will easily to dead.

What about the feeding method? Cactus is on of the easier plant to manage, based from several info that I found, we just need to spray the water into the cactus, in the morning or afternoon, just don’t to much and never throw full the water into it, you can make your spiky plant dead easily.

We also can add/give a regular plant vitamin to boost the growing of the cacti. Put the cacti in the good air circulation and you’re set!

What you have to do:

1. Give your cactus the Sun shine
2. Stay away from watery place
3. Give “enough” water
4. Vitamin of the plant (optional)

It’s simple and easy ways to do…

Have any question? Let’s me help you!

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