Do You Know About Homeschooling? So What Is Homeschooling?

First, you guys should know that I don’t have homeschooling experiences, but homeschooling is still interesting because many parents take this unique school method. What is homeschooling? Is it good or bad for our children? let’s find more below.


Homeschooling is also known as home-education or home school. In essence, homeschooling is an alternative education or learning system other than regular school. The method of teaching and learning in homeschooling is fun because it is done “at home”. But homeschooling is not only limited to being done continuously at home, but a conducive learning situation that can be done anywhere, anytime, and the child is free to choose the lesson he likes to feel comfortable like “at home”.

According to the Book of Home Schools as the Equality Education Unit, issued by the Department of Education’s Official Education Department, homeschooling is a conscious, orderly and targeted process of educational service performed by parents/families at home or other places. This is where the learning process can take place in a conducive atmosphere with the aim that each likely unique child can develop to the fullest.

If a family has chosen to homeschool for their children’s education, then parents are fully responsible for the educational process. This alternative education system can be done anywhere, anytime, and by anyone (other than parents, teachers come from various age groups and backgrounds). It makes learning process interesting and always fresh.

Putting a child into a course, regularly calling home teachers, and entrusting children to a homeschooling education system such as an existing community or homeschooling institution can be done by parents in support of achieving the desired educational goals.

What is the purpose of homeschooling?
Parents get the freedom to choose and determine the best for the child so that the child’s talents and interests can develop optimally. Children have more freedom to develop deep interests and stored talents, satisfying their curiosity to know and understand the world around them.

In general, children who attend formal school will be crammed with various subjects. Children become trapped in choosing the areas of life that they will live in the future because the school has very little space to detect the talents they have.

Finally, we can see now, where quite a lot of people who work not in the field they have studied. This is because parents and children are too late to detect their talents that they have brought since birth. If since childhood parents are able to find talent from an early age and direct it to maximum development, then the child would be happy to cultivate a field that is a talent or interest so they could be more successful in the future.

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