traditional medicine for better sleep

5 Great Tips for Better Sleep According to Traditional Medicine

Have you experience sleep problem? I was there couple years ago. I have tried many ways to solve my sleeping problem, but some of them just didn’t work, and some of them works fine. But, there is an interesting fact here, it’s look the traditional medicine such as Chinese method looks okay to try. Today I want to ask you to join with me to understanding the interesting info of traditional medicine such as this Chinese way.

traditional medicine for better sleep

According to Chinese medicine, lack of sleep can lead to obesity and other health problems because it can cause a slowdown in the digestive system, fatigue, depression and ulcers. So if we can sleep better, we can fix a lot of health problems.

Some tips to get better sleep

  1. Change your sleep patterns with the seasons

In traditional Chinese medicine there is a set of rules that govern time for going to sleep and waking up. This rule is based on the cyclical relationship between man and season.

  • In spring, it is advisable to go to sleep and wake up early in the morning by dawn.
  • In summer, go to bed later than usual and get up early in the morning by dawn.
  • In fall, asleep early and get up early.
  • In winter, go to bed early and wake up late.
  1. Protect your feet – Wash with warm water

In Chinese medicine, feet are very important. In our feet there are many reflections of our internal organs and tissues. We should choose comfortable shoes and we need to massage your legs often. This will improve the blood circulation and thus the vital energy. Immersing your feet in hot water before bed will improve the quality of your sleep. Your legs are better kept warm. They are associated with the kidney ducts, responsible for the reproductive system and yin yang relationships that are throughout the body. This precise adjustment of relationships helps maintain body balance.

  1. Walk every day, especially after dinner

Walking is a great way to keep your body healthy, because moving your body helps energy, blood and digestion move and work more efficiently. This of course leads to improvement bowl movement! Walking daily, especially outdoors, can improve breathing, muscle, joints, heart and nervous system. With all the increased use of energy and this movement, sleep will improve as well.

  1. Give your body time to wake up

When the alarm sounds, do not jump out of bed right away. It is best to give your body some time to transition, because the human body needs time to move from one state to another. This is how internal energy can be maintained and the balance of yin yang can be maintained.

  1. Keep your emotions balanced

According to Chinese medicine, every emotion is related to the organ. The emotions that interest us are: joy, thought, worry, sadness, fear and fear; and how they are connected. Joy is attached to the heart, anger associated with the liver, worse and worries can affect the spleen and sadness can damage the lungs. Chinese medicine teaches us that we should not let our emotions run away with us because illness can follow. We all feel too excited for something, and then we cannot sleep all night. We must always pay attention to where we are in our emotions and work to stay on the field. If our emotions overwhelm us, we must remember to breathe deeply to have a calming effect on our bodies.

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