5 Types of The Best Plants for Your Rooftop Garden

The best roof yard plants are reduced maintenance and also able to survive the severe problems provide on roofs. Urban rooftop yards make charming rooms that can be surprisingly low upkeep, if you make use of a great mix of the very best roof covering garden plants.

Rooftop Garden Plant Kingdom Need To Stand Up To These 2 Points

High Warmth Direct Exposure

Roof covering gardens are subjected to a great deal of heat on a regular basis. That means plants should be forgiving of high warm and also sun.

High Wind Exposure

The taller a structure is in connection to its bordering buildings; the much more vulnerable roofing top gardens are to high winds.

Best plants for rooftop garden

Image Source: balconygardenweb.com

Trick Attributes Many of the Best Roofing System Yard Plants Share (more…)

How to Create a Small Garden in Your Roof Area

If you have a plan to create your dreamed garden but you are limited by the size of the land, then this article should be perfect for you. So how to create a small garden in your roof area? Lets find how!

creating a roof garden

The limited land cannot be the main reason for you to create a green homes. Many of the solutions we can take to create a lovely garden on our free-used roof area, or even on the roof it self. of a house or roof garden.

The benefit of having the roof garden is a lot! It can produce the fresh air, protecting us from the sunshine, or even banishing the bacteria like the cactus can do. Just keep in your mind, some roofs especially the old roofs are made from the dangerous material, make sure to remove it first carefully, read the people on how to doing that job here at Brisbane asbestos removal¬†¬†page. Remember, safety is the number one. Let’s continue to the garden project.

For some people, roof gardening is known well and it’s not a new thing, and you should love it too.

How to Plant and Care The Cactus in Simple and Easy Ways

Previously, I’ve posted the benefit of cactus to the air article. Now we are going to talk about how to plant this beautiful spiky one. Is it easy to do? Can I ask my friend to help me? Just whatever you want.. lets do it!

sharp spiky cactus

Just for your information, Cactus “the spiky plant” is one of the plant types that are now used by many people as an ornamental plant. Bottom line, you can use this plant to get fresher room and to get fresher air.

The Benefit of Cactus: Clean, Fresh and Healthy Air Maker

Sharp, disgusting, weird, so dry and ugly. All of those words are so closed with the cactus, the desert plant. Some of the cacti are cute (the small size type), but in general, this plant is related to the unfriendly looks. In fact, cactus is one of the best plants to clean the air, to make fresher your main room air and to kill and destroy the bacteria.

Here is the benefit of a cactus plant, by keeping the cactus stay in your favourite place, the advantage of unfriendly look plant is real!

Nowadays, the cactus plant is not only used as a home ornament, but it’s also used as the air cleaner. In fact, based from blog.givingplants.com, the cactus or cacti also help people to breathe easier and also has healing benefit.

Your Business vs Quality Marketing articles

Do you ever heard about Neil Patel? Well you should read lot of superb contents at there talking about how to grow the business using the right content marketing. Anyway, today Pink Cactus want to ask you to learn about what is the real effect of the quality marketing articles to the business especially your business, lets begin. (more…)

Do You Know About Homeschooling? So What Is Homeschooling?

First, you guys should know that I don’t have homeschooling experiences, but homeschooling is still interesting because many parents take this unique school method. What is homeschooling? Is it good or bad for our children? let’s find more below.


Homeschooling is also known as home-education or home school. In essence, homeschooling is an alternative education or learning system other than regular school. The method of teaching and learning in homeschooling is fun because it is done “at home”. But homeschooling is not only limited to being done continuously at home, but a conducive learning situation that can be done anywhere, anytime, and the child is free to choose the lesson he likes to feel comfortable like “at home”.

5 Great Tips for Better Sleep According to Traditional Medicine

Have you experience sleep problem? I was there couple years ago. I have tried many ways to solve my sleeping problem, but some of them just didn’t work, and some of them works fine. But, there is an interesting fact here, it’s look the traditional medicine such as Chinese method looks okay to try. Today I want to ask you to join with me to understanding the interesting info of traditional medicine such as this Chinese way.

traditional medicine for better sleep

According to Chinese medicine, lack of sleep can lead to obesity and other health problems because it can cause a slowdown in the digestive system, fatigue, depression and ulcers. So if we can sleep better, we can fix a lot of health problems.